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Teddy Soccer - a fantastic sport and education programme for young children

We inspire children aged 2 to 5+ years to get active and learn to play soccer.

It works by combining Music, Pictures and Teddy Bear Characters into a totally interactive learning adventure that young children love.

Why Teddy Soccer

The biggest benefit Teddy Soccer delivers to children who play Teddy Soccer is CONFIDENCE; this is derived by successfully learning the basic skills needed to play soccer.

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Teddy Soccer Classes are divided into three age groups: 2 – 3 years; 3 – 4½ years & 4½ – 6 years; each set of classes provide progression based on age, ability and experience of the child.

More About Teddy Soccer

Teddy Soccer is available in a few locations in the United Kingdom as well as overseas where the programme is delivered at sports clubs, pre-schools, day care centres and nurseries.

Young children everywhere love playing Teddy Soccer!

Teddy Soccer’s curriculum based teaching system has been developed using the Visual Auditory Kinesthetic (VAK) accelerated learning style:

Visual (See It)

Visual Learners are those
who learn by looking

Audio (Hear It)

Auditory Learners are those
that learn by listening

Kinesthetic (Do It)

Kinesthetic Learners are those
who learn best through physical activity

Applying the VAK multi-sensory learning approach to teaching has proved to be very effective, particularly for young children so when they play Teddy Soccer, they see it, they hear it, they do it and they really get it…and they LOVE it too!

Our Clients of our 'sister' programme Teddy Soccer Say It Best...

Teddy Tennis is accessible to every child, regardless of their ability. Everyone is able to participate at their own level with the focus on skills progression and fun. Children are active and engaged throughout the session, enjoying every minute of it. There is a fantastic development of basic skills with a strong focus on individual children. Teddy Tennis are excellent role models in instigating a long term love of physical activity. The coaches are friendly, professional and highly skilled. We…

Ali Gowe, Assistant Headteacher, Alexandra School, Kingston upon Thames, UK

My 3 year old daughter LOVED her Teddy Tennis party! It was so well organised and fun and it allowed me time as a parent to run around and organise food etc while the kids were occupied…. I would definitely book them again and recommend them to my friends.

Natali, London, UK

Teddy Tennis remains a Saturday morning favourite for my son. Having attended for the past 15 months now from the age of two and a half, he still loves the warm up whether it is playing animals or pirates through to the tennis ball hitting.

Terry W, Kingston, UK

As a nursery manager I have to express how impressed I am with every aspect of Teddy Tennis….. furthermore, I have also had brilliant feedback from parents who often express how much their children love taking part in the sessions….

Teddy Tennis at Maple Infants’ School, London, UK

I like Chloe Bear because she has a nice flower in her hair and I like hitting the ball with my friends. It is fun – can we go again now?

Cub Cadet Mariella Satow

Daddy, I really like teddy tennis!

Levis Saunders (Aged 4),

We think it is a great idea for the 3 and 5 year olds to build a foundation of good all round athletic fundamentals with music and pictures to help the youngsters understand the learning experience of tennis, we wish them well in their venture

Roger Draper

I am a PTR and LTA qualified coach and have worked at the Richard Kraijcek tennis foundation in Holland for five years. I have seen lessons to some kids from Teddy Tennis and they all have good technique, good coordination and great tennis skills. Teddy Tennis has given them the basic foundation. It’s great!”

John Johnson Ogwuche

Teddy Tennis is a unique and innovative program that introduces children to the fundamentals of tennis. The unique approach of combining music with motion creates an ideal learning environment for children of all ages and abilities to develop sound athletic and tennis skills. A child could not receive a better start to tennis. Teddy Tennis is the best I have seen.

Peter D. McCraw

Since we’ve had Teddy Tennis at my school, the difference that I’ve seen in my pupils, are that they are just so enthusiastic about sport in general. They can see their own skills developing, they love the arrival of Head Ted because they know they’re going to have fun; lots of music while they do their tennis skills, so they just love every minute of it.

Elizabeth Heath, Headmistress

Teddy Soccer helps establish the basis of a healthy life style for children by making exercise and activity FUN and involving. Once children get the bug for being active, they will want to stay active for good.